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Newsletter: October 2011
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Dear Client, We had record sales in August which is a notoriously difficult holiday month. Thanks and congratulations must go to out contractors, our recruitment agency partners and to our sales and support team who made this possible. Very well done to everybody.
The economies in Asia are buzzing. Are you getting your share of the massive growth there? If you need help placing contractors in Asia then contact John Young at or Tom Harris at who will guide you how to develop your business in:
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam

We have our own companies in all these growing countries and our own staffed offices in most of them.

We can beat anyone else's offers in terms of quality and price. Please try us.
We are not neglecting Europe one iota. Far from it. On October 1st we are launching our dazzling new solutions for Germany where we have our own GmbH based in Frankfurt. This company holds an AUG license so that we are able to run contractors as Freiberufler (Self-employed; AUG employed or seconded - especially for Indian engineers wishing to come to work in Germany). We can obtain work permits for the self employed and seconded but not for AUG contractors. Sorry, it's impossible! Our service; our choice and last but not least, our retentions make the UK PSC the unthinking manis choice when working in this great contractor market.
As far as our newly launched employed solutions are concerned in France and Belgium much the same can be said and these solutions are going great guns. Thank you, our brilliant Technical Department!
UK Personal Services Company UK Personal Services Company
UK Personal Services Company
This one is now getting boring. The PSC is almost NEVER compliant in any way when working abroad. If you don't believe me, please download these two fact sheets and check them out with the tax authorities in the country where you are placing people or with an international employment lawyer. Please then get in touch with us.
Very often, we can provide a lawful working solution with as higher retention than a UK PSC. Don't believe me again? Try us!
OutsourceIT SARL OutsourceIT
Does your recruitment business have a compliance department? Is it giving you the assurance you need that your risk is being managed? Do you have the expertise to cover all the markets you serve? Can you afford to do this? There is an alternative. It's called OutsourceIT Sarl.
OutsourceIT Sarl is the perfect outsourcing partner who will agree your risk policy; build the criteria to you stay within it and report to you in terms of the risk you have by Client, Country, Management company, Sales consultant, in any combination or permutation.
So, if risk really means anything to you please contact me, Kevin Austin,( and I will explain how we may be able to help you to protect your business. For those owners who may be thinking of selling their recruitment business let us help you make sure that buyers do not depress the value they place on your business to cover for ugly risk.
Conto Netherlands  Conto Netherlands
Our new EUR 165 a month offering for the Netherlands is flying out.
This is the only sensible choice when contracting in The Netherlands. There is absolutely no point in paying Euro 300 and upwards elsewhere for the same product. This offer contains everything!
Conto Netherlands To download
the brochure
click here
Kind regards Kevin Austin
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Asian solutions
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