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Dear Clients,
We have had a remarkable month here at AF. The Team has been firing on all cylinders and burning the midnight oil to support you, our clients, in building your businesses. Two metaphors later this is what we have to report:
New Solution for France
We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new employed solution for France. This offers employment; legality and high retentions. For further information on how we can help you to grow your business in this important contractor market contact Tom Harris at:
Other New Solutions
We have just launched brilliant new solutions for Latvia; Estonia and Lithuania in the Baltics. In North Africa we are announcing our new solution in Morocco. We also have very competitive new pricing in Dubai; Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. For further information please contact Tom Harris at:
Conto Direct in The Netherlands
We have just launched our Conto Direct offering for The Netherlands. This is a stunning comprehensive offer for contractors coming to work in The Netherlands. We have a new office in central Amsterdam and are putting significant resources into this important contractor market. For further information please go to
New Brochures
We now have the following new brochures available for download.
To obtain them click below:
Africa Solutions
Africa Solutions
South Africa;
Kenya, Tanzania;
& Nigeria
Asian Solutions
China, Hong Kong,
Vietnam, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Japan
and India.
EEA & Switzerland Solutions
All 31 EU and EFTA
New India Solutions
3 new Solutions
Conto Direct
The Netherlands
Recently we were meeting with recruitment friends in Switzerland and were
interested to find that many were inadvertently breaching Swiss law.
We explained that this not necessary. If you are unsure if you are operating
safely there, please contact us and we will carry out a free review for you
with no commitment and advise you of any unnecessary risks you may be
A number of agencies have expressed interest in opening their own operations in Switzerland. AF through its sister company, OutsourceIT SÓrl, is here to help you to establish your recruitment business in this great market. We can offer all the services needed to setup your company and get you started. Thereafter, we can provide full outsourcing packages so you can bill your own clients and stay firmly within the law thus protecting yourselves; your clients and contractors while cementing your client relationship and demonstrating commitment to the Swiss market.
For more information contact:
Nicos Nicolaou at
Mark Josephides at
Tom Harris at
or email
Thank you for reading and enjoy your summer.
Until we meet again next month.
Kind regards, Kevin Austin
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