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Newsletter: February 2012
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Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003 - ITEPA
Sections 44-47 ITEPA 2003 are very clear that agencies making payments to individuals who are personally obliged to provide services to them must deduct PAYE and NIC contributions. The only exclusions are for individuals who provide services as an actor, singer, musician or other entertainer or as a fashion, photographic or artist’s model, or where the services are provided wholly in the worker’s own home, or at other premises which are neither controlled or managed by the client nor prescribed by the nature of the services.
Agencies that breach the law face the prospect of the sums paid to the individual being treated by HMRC as net payments and that the PAYE and NIC computed and assessed on them (read YOU) accordingly. Ouch!
Coupled with our previous newsletter featuring Brooksons on why agencies (and contractors) are ill advised to use UK Personal Services Companies when working abroad this leads to the only sensible choice when placing contractors abroad, namely, contact Access Financial.
Access Financial International SA
China: Impending tightening of regulations to combat illegal foreign workers
Access Financial Services is committed to keeping you aware of changes in the workplace which may affect you and your contractors. This notice is to bring to your attention big moves afoot in China.
The illegal entry and stay of foreigners is a growing concern for the Chinese authorities and the first draft of a new law to curb this has already been put forward which includes the following provisions:
  • Fines to be imposed on individuals employed without work and/or resident permits.
  • Fines to be imposed on those companies who illegally employ foreigners
  • Detention to be considered for serious violations
  • Contractors holding visas with a maximum stay in excess of 180 days will require a resident certificate
It should be noted that the aim of the authorities is to control and encourage the inflow of highly-skilled professionals, not to limit them. If you are placing contractors in China play safe and contact Access Financial at the numbers shown below.
We have solutions in over 70 of the major contracting markets that are legal in the work country as well as the UK and very often offer retentions as good as or even better than a UK Personal Services Company. Why risk your business?
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