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Access Tax and Accounting (ATA) Limited is a specialist provider of UK contractor payroll and accountancy solutions.

The UK has always been a hub of business, driven by flexible working arrangements. However, the market is highly regulated and navigating the changes can be tricky. Contractors require specialist accountants to ensure the solution they engage through is the right one.

ATA provides the two compliant solutions for those contracting in the UK; Umbrella Payroll and Limited Company setup and accountancy. We offer industry recognised payment solutions for every type of contractor while enabling them to maximise their income retention.

Our Offerings

Are you a new contractor or an experienced one? Are you looking for a great deal or a better experience? Are you looking for higher retention than you’re currently getting? Are you looking to work with a global brand? Are you unsure how best to work and demand the best advice? Do you want to use the latest in technology? Do you want a friendly, professional provider where you can sign up with no pressure and no fuss?

In any or all these cases you’ve come to the right place: AF is an expert in UK contracting matters.

Umbrella Payroll

£2000per week
  • The Umbrella Payroll gives you the simplest contracting solution and the security of your full employment rights.
  • The Umbrella Payroll is ideal for short, medium or long-term assignments.

Limited Company

£14000per month
  • Our Limited Company solution gives you more flexibility to run your business, highest retentions, control of your destiny and more cash in your pocket.
  • A Limited Company is ideal for longer-term assignments.

Limited Company Abroad

£POQper month
  • Do you have an existing limited company and are you looking to contract in any of these countries?
  • Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom
  • If so, you may be able to use your company for your assignment (special conditions apply)

Payroll and Tax in the UK

The most popular means of contracting in the UK is via an Umbrella payroll. The Off-payroll Rules or IR 35 are postponed, but it is too early to say with certainty if the changes pass into law in the next Finance Act. Either way, there are going to be vast numbers of people who are either:

  • not happy about working through a limited company also called personal services company;
  • who seek a simple, uncomplicated solution or
  • who cannot establish that they fall outside thIRR 35 legislation
  • or their client or recruitment business have decided to impose blanket bans on limited company contractors.

Having reached this choice, what does it mean to use the services of an umbrella company? In this structure, the contractor becomes the direct employee of the Umbrella company so place the person on its payroll and subject the contract proceeds to employer NICs, PAYE and Employee NICs in return for a small margin.

The Umbrella makes all these deductions at source: there is nothing left for the contractor but to receive the net income into their bank account.

The contractor can ask the Umbrella to process professional expenses incurred in the role except for commuting and subsistence costs. These costs are claimable only if the contractor can show that he is not subject to any supervision, direction or control by the client. At the end of the year, if any expenses are unclaimed, you can do this by submitting a Tax Return to HMRC.

On the other hand, if the above conditions do not apply to you, then using a limited company for contracting is still a good option albeit more involved. The advantages are:

  • You maintain your contracting vehicle over all your contracts
  • Your brand is intact, and you can promote it
  • You have limited liability
  • You control your affairs without inserting an umbrella company in the contract chain

The payroll in the company will process a salary of your choosing, and you will report this monthly to HMRC via Real Time Information Reporting. After deducting business expenses, the company will show a profit, and this profit is subject Corporation Tax which is currently 18%. The net profits remaining may be paid as dividends or retained in the business. HMRC taxes dividends at the following rates:

  1. 7.5% Basic rate.
    The basic rate is paid on taxable income over the Personal Allowance to £37,500.
  2. 32.5% Higher rate.
    The higher rate is paid on taxable income over the Personal Allowance from £37,501 to £150,000.
  3. 38.1% Additional rate.
    The additional rate is paid on taxable income over £150,000.


The most transparent, accurate and reliable contract management company in the market

For contractors getting started in the UK, navigating the UK regulatory environment can be minefield. Rules for contractors have evolved considerably over the last decade to address tax avoidance, though helpful guidance on the rules has been slow to follow.

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This has resulted in considerable confusion for contractors, agencies and their clients with regards to the best way to structure contracts. Honest contractors face serious penalties, usually a significant reduction in take-homepay if they unwittingly set up their business the wrong way. Access Financial has deep expertise in helping contractors avoid these pitfalls, and will outline a few considerations for contractors who want to maximise their compensation and stay on the right side of the rules.Access Financial has looked after more than 15,000 contractors throughout Europe since 2004. We help recruitment agencies and their contractors take full advantage of the rewards and flexibility of the UK market.

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