Access Tax & Accounting (ATA) is a specialist contract accounting firm.

We provide compliant payment and business accounting solutions to contractors operating in the United Kingdom. Our services are cost-effective solutions for all contractors in all types of assignments.

Contractors can maximise their income as they work through multiple contract assignments during their careers.

Whether your assignment is direct with a client or through a 3rd party, Access Tax and Accounting will ensure that you are compliant at all times.

Our strict compliance procedures and expertise in UK legislation provide a significant de-risking solution to all parties within a contractual chain.

In addition to our ever-available friendly staff, you have access to our contractor portal that keeps you in control 24/7.

For contractors looking for an expert to help them maximise their income while staying compliant, Access Tax & Accounting should be your partner of choice.

Statement (what are we)

Access Tax & Accounting is a specialist accounting firm focused on delivering compliant, high-retention solutions to UK contractors. We operate in the United Kingdom and provide solutions to contractors, recruitment businesses and corporate clients in the management of payment, payroll, compliance and outsourced solutions.

We provide advice and services to ensure that your journey through contracting is simple, efficient and financially rewarding.

If you are looking for a premium service provided by a company with a pedigree then making ATA your partner is a wise choice.


The umbrella solution provides a contractor with a flexible PAYE service to facilitate payments either from a recruitment agency or client. Our simple solution will take care of all UK Tax, National Insurance and Pension contributions required by UK law. For those in non-controlled assignments, expenses may also be claimable.

Retention (for a typical contractor)

  • 60% on average


    • UK Nationals or those with a Right to work in the UK


    • Online timesheet recording portal
    • Agency invoice processing
    • Fully Employed solution, including management of all Income Tax (PAYE),
    • National Insurance and other deductions
    • All payments made by Faster Payments ensuring no delay in receiving your funds


    • Continuous Employment history
    • Expense claims (if authorised by ATA)
    • Operate on multiple assignments without paying more tax
    • Flexible structure, you only pay for the service when required
    • Jump in, jump out – no lengthy registration or exit procedures
    • Minimal paperwork


    • Complete our Online onboarding form, and you are ready to go!


Retention (for a typical contractor)

  • 80% (+- 5%)


  • UK Nationals or those with a Right to work in the UK


  • UK compliance requirements managed by experts in UK legislation
  • Indemnity insurance available to protect your earnings
  • Setup and required registrations managed by ATA
  • All tax, VAT and payroll calculations managed by ATA


  • Highest retention vehicle in the UK
  • Limited Liability solution - protect your personal assets
  • Flexibility in negotiating your salary per assignment
  • Legitimate business expenses can off-set tax liabilities
  • Operate in a professional manner
  • Vetted and professional banking partners available
  • Business insurance available through authorised partners


    • Fully automated workflow for registering the business. Complete our Online onboarding form, and you are ready to go!