To provide everyone with some interesting summer reading this holiday season, please find a round-up of the most popular articles from the Access Financial website last year.

We shared a number of All Questions Answered articles to answer common questions contractors have when planning to work in various European countries. We also kept you up to date on the latest labour legislation for contractors and provided guidance on important issues like self-employment and cross-border working.

  1. Luxembourg cross-border workers: Germany, France, Belgium
  2. All your questions answered: Contracting in Switzerland
  3. The dos and don’ts of contracting in Switzerland
  4. Understanding double household tax relief in Germany
  5. Being self-employed in Luxembourg
  6. How does the UK German Double Tax Agreement affect your business?
  7. Working in Sweden: Considering self-employment and your other options
  8. All your questions answered: Contracting in Luxembourg
  9. 3 Ways to engage a contractor in Germany
  10. All your questions answered: Contracting in Belgium
  11. Understanding labour leasing in Switzerland
  12. What could go wrong when contracting in the Netherlands?
  13. Should you choose self-employment in Finland?
  14. All your questions answered: Contracting in Denmark
  15. Changes to AüG legislation in Germany

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