The most transparent, accurate and reliable contract management company in the market

Access Financial is present in Switzerland since 2003 and it has grown to be Switzerland’s leading payroll company, offering professional and tailor-made solutions.

Our core business is managing contractors’ salaries. Our diligent and experienced team brings you a high-quality service to exceed your expectations.

We aim to enable individuals who wish to work in Switzerland with the benefits and status of an employee. At the same time, we help Swiss companies to engage professional workers on a temporary basis in a compliant and efficient manner without associated risk.

The Swiss system of labour leasing in Switzerland

Labour-leasing or portage salarial is regulated by the Loi de Location de Services 823.11 (LSE) (

Federal law on employment services and the hiring of services (Loi SE) of 6 October 1989.

The law stipulates that only suitably qualified Swiss companies can be authorised in Switzerland can undertake these services. To qualify, you must hold a cantonal licence where the company has its base and from SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs), to operate throughout Switzerland.

To view AF’s licences, please click here….. The following diagram shows the contractual relationship that there must be to comply with Swiss law. Foreign recruitment companies are forbidden to labour-lease or provide permanent recruitment services in Switzerland.


Our licences enable us to operate lawfully handling payroll and tax in Switzerland and abroad. The contractor must and will be employed on AF’s Swiss payroll and be treated as would any other employee in the country. Foreign recruitment businesses will be paid by way of margin agreement when we have received funds from the end client.

About Us

Access Financial has been in the Swiss market since 2003 when it has grown to become a leader in Swiss contract management as well as internationally. Our headquarters are in Nyon, in the canton of Vaud midway between Geneva and Lausanne. We have a staff of one hundred in our nine offices worldwide.

Eligibility Criteria

You must plan to live and work in Switzerland (Resident) commute from a neighbouring country (Frontalier) or you live in Switzerland and wish to work abroad (Posted Worker).

You must be an EU/EEA national: a labour-leasing company can’t sponsor work permits for non-EU/EFTA nationals: only an End client may do that.

By using our exclusive web calculator and answering a few questions, you will obtain an illustrative projection of your income.

Frequently asked questions

Please click here to reach our client Knowledge Base that can answer most of the questions you may have. If you cannot find what you are looking for there, please complete the contacts form, and we will get in touch with you.


AF offers outsourced payroll for Swiss companies using our Abacus payroll software which is Switzerland’s leading business software.

We also provide a full provision of back-office for recruitment businesses outside Switzerland who have Swiss recruitment companies to operate their operation. At the same time, they concentrate on the recruitment from which they generate their profits.

Features of using Access Financial

  • We speak English, French, German and more than twenty other languages
  • We save you time in a country where time is a lot of money
  • We are expert in what we do
  • We employ the latest technology to serve our clients
  • We free you to focus on where you are expert
  • Timesheet and invoice management
  • Credit Insurance and Credit Control
  • Confidential and trustworthy after incident-free seventeen years in the market

Benefits of using Access Financial

  • Maximum take-home pay possible in Switzerland
  • Freedom from the administrative burden of placing contractors in Switzerland
  • Security of being employed with full employee protections and benefits including health insurance, accident insurances, Old Age pensions, taxes withheld at source, unemployment insurance and family allowances
  • Complete compliance with Swiss law
  • Tax mitigation using Occupational Pension SChemes (2nf Pillar) and Private Pension Plans (3rd Pillar)
  • Pay-As-You-Go – no fixed overheads in the most expensive country in Europe
  • Swiss precision
  • We are not recruiters, and we will never try to poach your clients or your contractors.

Our services include:

  • Sponsoring and applying for work permits
  • Assistance with personal registrations
  • Day-to-day advice and translations
  • Insurances
  • Claims for sickness benefits
  • Tax mitigation through expert insurance partners
  • 24/7 access to our Fortuna client portal
  • Total Swiss back-office outsourcing
  • PEO (Employer of Record Services)


Switzerland Payroll and Tax


15 years’ experience

Offices in Nyon

Permanent placement licence

German, French and English speaking staff

Federal SECO and cantonal
labour-leasing licences

Expert in Swiss tax and labour law

Most competitive fees in the market

Framework agreements with most large Swiss corporates

Strict adherence to Swiss law keeps all the parties free of breaches of compliance

Opening a Swiss bank account is not essential but we can help you do it.

Only company with a comprehensive online net take home pay calculator

Fees include Swiss tax returns

Able to help British people to work in Switzerland after Brexit

Online portal to provide real-time information on compliance status