• Only for EU/EFTA nationals


The AFS Swiss Employed Solution is open to Swiss, EU and EFTA contractors (except Croatian nationals) who are eligible to work for up to 90 days without a work permit, only an online registration at the federal website is required which will be attended to by Access Financial
For assignments exceeding three months, an application for a temporary residence permit must be sent to the Cantonal Immigration office. This residence permit allows the contractor to work and stay in Switzerland for the duration of the assignment
  • Non-EU nationals may be issued a new residence permit which allows them to work only if they already hold a residence permit in Switzerland
  • Contractors are employed by Access Financial Sàrl, the Swiss headquarters of the Access Financial Group, who will attend to all contracting formalities, payroll and compliance
  • As a fully registered Swiss labour-leasing company with over 20 years’ of experience of the Swiss market, there is no risk to contractors or their end clients from illegal employment
  • Access Financial have framework agreements with many of the major corporations in Switzerland
  • Office in Nyon in the Canton of Vaud
  • Our staff speak French, German and English and within the group, we speak another 19 languages
  • Our office in Nyon is available to AFS contractors for business meetings
  • Generally, tax and social security deducted at source for anyone not Swiss or a C permit holder
  • Labour-leasing company must bill the client and not a foreign agency


  • Highest retentions through the use of Swiss occupational pension plans
  • As a labour-leasing and payroll company, not a recruitment company, we act solely in the contractor’s interest
  • Competitively priced package including outstanding sickness and accident insurance: our insurers pay up to 80% of gross salary for up to 2 years in the case of accident and sickness – sickness is covered from the 3rd day
  • Fees include Swiss tax returns if they are required


    • Online registration < 90 days
    • Residence visa needed for stays > 90 days