Working via an International Umbrella Company

You are a contractor working at home or abroad, and you do not have the status of an independent person. Maybe you want a simple life without the work and responsibility of running your own limited company. If so, then an international Umbrella solution is what you're seeking.

There is only one thing safer than one umbrella, and that's two umbrellas!

An umbrella solution under the Access Financial group umbrella provides precisely this.


  • Specialist employed solution for contract workers
  • All taxes and social security (NIC) paid to the authorities
  • Access to the UK government auto-enrolment pension scheme
  • Employment Rights protection
  • Claimable expenses (subject to local legislation*)
  • Engage in multiple assignments simultaneously
  • Maintain a continuous employment record
  • Favoured payment model when contracting via a recruitment agency
  • Let Access Financial's group companies employ you and manage all the legal complexities for you.

*The expenses that employed persons can claim vary considerably from state-to-state.

How much could I earn working through an International Umbrella Company?

Not all umbrella companies are the same. Some claim high-income retention but fail to explain the risks from non-compliance. We will provide you with a solution on which you can rely.


WE ask you to complete a Fact Find and then we advise you on the expenses that you can claim on your assignment.


If there is an Impatratiate of Expatriate tax regime available in your country of work and you qualify, we will explain how it will apply and benefit you.


Please enter your details into our calculators to see your potential income retention with AF. These are just a guide: for more comprehensive calculations, please ask your AF solutions consultant or complete one of our contact forms.

What makes AF different from the rest?

AF is more than an international umbrella company - we are a provider of global accountancy solutions. Our expertise and infrastructure reflect our ethos of maintaining compliance and providing cost-effective solutions. By using AF, you will have access to advice from our experts, giving you confidence that you are operating in the most efficient way possible.

Our Umbrella Company service includes:

  • Flexibility – the solution is there only when you need it
  • Full employment structure protecting your employment rights
  • Online contractor portal for timesheets, payslips and expenses*
  • Pensions where applicable
  • Fast payments – ensuring you get your funds ASAP
  • Access to expense claims subject to qualification
  • Status determinations on request
  • Ability to retain the same solution provider while changing your assignments
  • On-hand support to answer any questions
  • The security and stability of the Access Financial global group

Global Umbrella

The Access Financial Group is a global provider of umbrella solutions for contractors working in sixty countries. No one wants to chop and change provider, particularly one with which you have been happy. Suppose that you have been working with us on a French employed solution (portage salarial) and that you now have an assignment in Switzerland. Do you want to leave us and find another provider where you must start all over again? Of course, you donot. And with AF this is entirely unnecessary. You end the contract that you had with us in France and ask to Switch to a Swiss payroll.

We donot need to ask you a myriad of questions as we have most of the information already. We make the transitions as painless as possible by requesting what is essential. We do not need to re-explain our payments, nor how our timesheets, payments or portals work.

As your one-stop-shop, we bring a degree of convenience not obtainable from single-market offerings. The other crucial advantage is that, as a global umbrella provider, we understand the subtle interplay of Double Tax treaties and Social Security treaties and expatriate and impatriate tax regimes that are available to you and which can often legitimately save you a fortune.

When it comes to global umbrellas, we are the perfect choice for most individuals. We are neither too large so as not to care. Nor are we too small to have the experience, expertise or coverage to give you a consistent, continuous service when working on internal assignments around the globe.


We belive are greater in size and client numbers than our three main cross-border competitors combined.


We are the most ready international management company with staffed offices in the UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Swizerland, China, India, Cyprus and Spain.


We have more operating companies in our group to sponsor work permits than anyone else


We have a strong balance sheet built up over 14 years of profitable trading.


As we offer all the ligal solutions possible in our main markets our is a consultative approach.


We have our own internal immgration department and Research and Development that we manage entirely in-house.


We have our own IT departments that develops our platforms and software tools for the benefit of our clients.


We carryout an increasing amount of our compliance work in-house rather than via external partners in the intersts of services and efficiency. We have our own compliance portal for our agency and corporate clients to monitor their contractors compliance statuses in real-time .


We are the only cross-border international management company to be headed by a qualified chartered Accountant, Chartered Certified Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Fellow of the institute of Management and International Accountant.