Recruitment Business Owner

As a recruitment business owner, you will be aware that clients and tax authorities everywhere are insisting on greater and greater compliance with the tax, social security, social charges, immigration and employment law. Getting these things wrong is increasingly expensive as governments raise their efforts to collect revenue and stamp on tax evasion.

Are you, as a recruitment business up to speed on the requirements and penalties imposed by?:

  • Deemed Employment
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
  • Legal Right to Work
  • The Bribery Act 2010
  • The Common Reporting Standard
  • The Criminal Finances Act 2017
  • The European Directive on Equal Treatment (Agency Workers Regulations)
  • The Income Taxes and Pensions Act 2003, as amended

If not, you and your business could be exposed, and a lack of understanding is no defence against breaching the law. It is your responsibility to know the law and to ensure that you and your business observe it. Failure to takes these matters seriously can have enormous repercussions for you and your business. Access Financial have supported tens of thousands of clients helping manage complex legislation So if you are unsure or simply would like to check if you are operating compliantly, contact Access Financial today.

The potential damage can be financial, reputational and even, in extreme cases, lead to imprisonment. Any or all of these can reduce the value of your business. It is unwise to engage with contractors without taking all possible steps to protect yourself as a business from these risks. Clients are imposing more and more onerous conditions in the terms they issue to the recruitment business, and we understand that you are not always able to negotiate more reasonable terms. The question is how to react in the face of this.

Our advice is that you should work only with business partners whose experience and expertise of the market, place them in pole position to give the best available information and practical solutions to the problems that you face. These skills are not learned overnight. Of equal importance is to have that partner with sufficient financial strength and business ethics that they will and can stand by the representations that they make. With the best will in the world new, small, insufficiently financed management companies are not up to the task.

With Access Financial you have these three assurances which alone can give you perfect peace of mind:

  • AF indemnifies recruitment businesses and their clients from tax non-compliance*.
  • AF offers a money back guarantee for contractors who are not completely satisfied**.
  • AF calculations ensure the highest legal net retention.

No matter where you want to do business, if AF has a solution in that country, whether it be at home or abroad, it is a no-brainer to work with the market leader in cross-border contract management as AF de-risks the entire operation for you.


We belive are greater in size and client numbers than our three main cross-border competitors combined.


We are the most ready international management company with staffed offices in the UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Swizerland, China, India, Cyprus and Spain.


We have more operating companies in our group to sponsor work permits than anyone else


We have a strong balance sheet built up over 14 years of profitable trading.


As we offer all the ligal solutions possible in our main markets our is a consultative approach.


We have our own internal immgration department and Research and Development that we manage entirely in-house.


We have our own IT departments that develops our platforms and software tools for the benefit of our clients.


We carryout an increasing amount of our compliance work in-house rather than via external partners in the intersts of services and efficiency. We have our own compliance portal for our agency and corporate clients to monitor their contractors compliance statuses in real-time .


We are the only cross-border international management company to be headed by a qualified chartered Accountant, Chartered Certified Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Fellow of the institute of Management and International Accountant.