Personal Service Company (PSC)

Setting up your PSC with ATA couldn’t be easier – here for you all the way!

Access Tax and Accounting are proud to be experts in providing today's professional contractor's tailored accountancy and taxation advice.

As a contractor or freelancer, you specialise in your chosen field – whether this be IT consultancy or engineering. We appreciate this and we use our expert knowledge to assist you to realise your full potential throughout your career.

Many contractors shy away from taking the step towards obtaining the benefits available from contracting through their own PSC, simply because they do not have a clear understanding of what running a PSC entails. At ATA, our advice and guidance assist contractors with establishing their PSC and remove all the guesswork for administrating the company in a complaint and tax effect way. We are here for you throughout the whole process, so that you can focus on contracting.

Contracting via your PSC – made easy!


Contracting through a PSC need not be daunting. Yes, there is some more responsibility and paperwork involved, but that is where ATA will advise and assist you.

By contracting through your PSC, you can have flexibility in how you draw money; through a combination of salary and dividends (from any retained earnings). You can also legitimately offset genuine business expenses (including your salary) against the Company’s taxable income.


  • Limit your personal liability
  • Legally maximise your income retention
  • Operate in the most tax efficient & compliant way
  • Obtain tax relief on expenses incurred ‘wholly and exclusively’ for the business
  • Display yourself and your business as a professional contractor to current and potential clients
  • Maintain control of your finances and eliminate risk to your funds

How much could a earn working via my own PSC

Tax efficient working via your own PSC can give you a significant boost to your annual income. How much is the difference? Well enter your details into this calculator and see.

UK PSC Incorporation

How do you actually set up your PSC? ATA is here to assist you in incorporating one in the UK, It is a simple, quick and straightforward process. Our online application form {LINK TO FORM} makes incorporation easy by allowing you to process all the paperwork in one place. Once submitted our team will process all relevant paperwork with the relevant organisations, and that’s it your PSC will be ready for you within 48hrs.

Our accounting services will guide and help you along the way, ATA ensures your incorporation and registration is managed in-line with the UK Companies Legislation. Once set up we will assist with VAT registration and advice, management account reporting, profit and loss statements, payment reminders, year-end accounting submission and calculations.

At Access Tax and Accounting our services include:

  • Incorporating a new PSC
  • Opening a business bank account
  • Company accounts preparation
  • Payroll preparation and submission
  • VAT submissions
  • Company Taxation
  • Obtaining Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) including financial support for IR35 Enquires (subject to change)
  • Unlimited IR35assessments
  • Access to market-leading online account management platform for invoicing and payment management
  • On hand support to answer any tax or business related questions

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Already have a PSC – We are here to help you too!

If you have an existing PSC the ATA can provide you with a full accounting solution for your business. Transferring to an accountant who understands your business sector and can guide you throughout your career.

If you have any existing PSC and want to partner with a specialist accountant, transfer to ATA and receive your first-month free saving {PRICE}.

Transferring made easy, complete this form {LINK TO FORM} and we will take care of the rest.

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We belive are greater in size and client numbers than our three main cross-border competitors combined.


We are the most ready international management company with staffed offices in the UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Swizerland, China, India, Cyprus and Spain.


We have more operating companies in our group to sponsor work permits than anyone else


We have a strong balance sheet built up over 14 years of profitable trading.


As we offer all the ligal solutions possible in our main markets our is a consultative approach.


We have our own internal immgration department and Research and Development that we manage entirely in-house.


We have our own IT departments that develops our platforms and software tools for the benefit of our clients.


We carryout an increasing amount of our compliance work in-house rather than via external partners in the intersts of services and efficiency. We have our own compliance portal for our agency and corporate clients to monitor their contractors compliance statuses in real-time .


We are the only cross-border international management company to be headed by a qualified chartered Accountant, Chartered Certified Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Fellow of the institute of Management and International Accountant.