Access Financial provides payroll Malaysia services and is pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Malaysia last month. The new office will be led by Malaysian Office Head Zul Arif Bin Norasimi, and was launched in response to rising demand for contractual manpower both for locals and expatriates across number of sectors in payroll malaysia.

The office was inaugurated on 21st February by Global CFO Shiv Marwah along with Regional Head Roger Mathews and Malaysian Office Head Zul Arif Bin Norasimi

Malaysia’s economy is the 5th largest economy in Southeast Asia and 35th largest economy in the world. Malaysia is on its way to becoming the fifth so-called “tiger,” or newly industrialized economy, of East Asia, along with Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The country has averaged a real 9.6% growth in GDP over the past eight years. With a rich cultural diversity, Malaysia is an attractive location to work, providing easy access to Southeast Asia and forming a gateway between Australasia and the Middle East. The economy is supported by highly productive oil and natural gas reserves which also provide career opportunities for local and expatriate workers. There is therefore high scope for payroll Malaysia services.


The government of Malaysia aims to reach the standard of living of industrialized countries by the year 2020. This plan, called Vision 2020, is accelerating Malaysia’s shift to high-technology industries. Specific objectives include accelerated industrial restructuring, technological upgrading, human resource development and industrial linking. Payroll Malaysia services is one of the essential services to keep-up the expectations. The plan focuses on the development of industry, academic, and government relationships. It has also developed high-tech industrial parks to allow for the concentration of industry, research and development and academic institutions.

This has attracted significant investment from international companies which are now seeking talent to open factories and expand operations in Malaysia. Payroll Malaysia will encourage manpower. There simply are not enough skilled workers in Malaysia to keep pace with the rate of growth and jobs creation. This is very good news for foreign contractors seeking global opportunities in a high-growth environment. That is the reason we have established our own team and office in Malaysia to support the upcoming demand and provide services to our clients.


Access Financial have a deep understanding of the requirements for living and working in Malaysia, and we offer an employed solution for contractors who want to work in Malaysia. A dedicated office in Malaysia not only enables us to improve the coordination with contractors, but it also helps to improve our payroll Malaysia services while reducing the time-frame and cost. For a competitive fee, the contractor effectively becomes an employee of Access Financial, and we handle all the difficult things like immigration and payroll which helps contractors to focus on their jobs. Working through your own private company is not recommended for expat contractors, as the regulatory environment makes that quite risky and expensive for small businesses in Malaysia. To learn more about work visas, taxation, benefits and retention in Malaysia and how Access Financial’s employed solution works, please write to us at or, and someone from Team Asia will get back to you.

We can also assist agencies or companies seeking payroll Malaysia, outsourced work permit, employment and payroll services in Malaysia. Our solutions are completely bespoke, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Making the move to a foreign country might seem challenging, but the Malaysian lifestyle can be very attractive for expats. Just a few of the top reasons to move to payroll Malaysia include:

  1. Malaysia is a great place to do business, and its growing economy is creating a diverse range of jobs for skilled workers.
  2. Living costs like food and accommodation are generally very low, and rights for foreign property owners are quite strong in Malaysia compared with other countries in the region. Many expats find it relatively easy and inexpensive to buy a home when living in Malaysia.
  3. Malaysia is full of modern conveniences like top medical care, schools, and infrastructure as well as the availability of foreign luxury products.
  4. Malaysia is very safe. The people are reputedly very friendly, and crime rates are extremely low comparatively.
  5. Expats generally enjoy the local cuisine, and an array of international restaurants abound for the homesick.
  6. Malaysia is a place of natural beauty with jungles and tropical islands full of wildlife.
  7. Malaysia is a transportation hub for Southeast Asia, which makes travel to other countries in the region inexpensive and convenient.
  8. English is widely spoken and used in business.


The Malaysian government has lowered barriers to entry for businesses setting up in Malaysia. Likewise, immigration regulation for short-term skilled workers is improving, and now all applications can be filed online. Within seven days of filing the application with complete information, one can expect a result from immigration authorities. While the process has been simplified, applicants still undergo rigorous document checks and scrutiny before approval is granted. Processing the Employment Pass, which enables expatriates to take up employment within an organisation in Malaysia, requires a rather complex, three-stage process. Contractors seeking temporary employment opportunities will likely need to engage umbrella services in payroll Malaysia to help manage the registration process and maximise retention without any tax difficulties, an area where Access Financial can help. Access Financial can also assist in arranging medical insurance, dependent visas, opening bank accounts, payroll processing and tax clearance.

That said, once a contractor has a valid work visa, the lifestyle benefits of living in Malaysia as mentioned above are well worth the effort.


We hope this article has piqued your interest in working in Malaysia, and this is just the start of our Asian expansion. Access Financial also has exciting plans to open offices in Hong Kong and Singapore later this year, so stay posted for further announcements on this front.


We would be delighted to hear from you and tell you more about our services and how we can help you with contracting matters in Malaysia. Contact details: AFSS Access Business Services Sdn. Bhd.


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