Retention (a typical contractor with the 30% Ruling)

  • 63% (±5%)


    • All nationals


    • An Access Financial Group company (the Employer) employs the contractor
    • The Employer holds NEN 4400-1 certification
    • The Employer runs a Dutch payroll and deducts the necessary tax and social security costs
    • The employer and employee social costs are part of the contract value
    • As a Dutch employer we contribute towards compulsory pension schemes required in the personnel service sector
    • Dutch clients need to pay only 25% of the invoice amount (including turnover tax), instead of 55%, into our designated G account


    • Easy to implement
    • Open to non-EU/EEA nationals
    • Access Financial will apply for the 30% Ruling which is going to reduce contractor’s taxes, subject to certain conditions
    • The collective agreement of ABU, which is the largest union of temporary workers in the Netherlands protects temporary agency workers
    • Access Financial (AF) is expert in Dutch tax and social security issues

Work Permits

    • AF can sponsor work permits (fast track application process)
    • Medical Insurance
    • Contractors are required to hold a Dutch private health insurance
    • Access Financial has an advantageous group health insurance policy that is available to its contractors


    • The only requirement for the contractor is to register at the nearest town hall


Retention (for a typical contractor)

  • 68% (±8%)*


  • EU/EEA nationals
  • No diploma or degree required
  • Working period in the Netherlands must be at least 6 months
  • A model agreement between the End Client and the contractor’s PSC must be signed, in order to ascertain that the contractor will not be deemed to be employed by the End Client


    • The contractor is registered in the Netherlands as a director of his company and is treated as an employee
    • The level of retention depends on the salary level, the tax claimable expenses, the length of stay in the Netherlands and whether the contractor is married or not
    • Contractors are assisted by Access Tax and Accounting Ltd (ATA), a firm of accountants, expert in Dutch tax and social security
    • ATA will ensure the compliance with foreign and Dutch tax laws


    • The director of his/ her own PSC pays less social security in the Netherlands than does an employee
    • Flexibility in choosing own salary and possibility of holding simultaneous contracts
    • The PSC is a standalone solution
    • The PSC can be used in future projects and elsewhere
    • ATA does the accounting and prepares tax returns for the contractor and the PSC


    • ATA will ensure all required registrations are done in the Netherlands.The contractor must register personally at the town hall

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