The client or the fee payer will be responsible for making the Status Determination Statement (SDS) unless it meets the criteria of a ‘small company’ where two out of these three measures must be met, namely, where the annual turnover, balance sheet total and staff must be below the limits of £10.2m, £5.1 million and 50 staff, respectively .

If you have limited company contractors ( including those working abroad ) and you are nervous about how IR35 might impact you and them, we will be pleased to discuss with you about how we can de-risk your business. We can do this by keeping the client and fee payer outside of the UK and not subject to the new UK law.

It is effortless:

  • You let us, a Swiss company, contract with your client
  • We sign a reciprocal contract with the contractors
  • We enter into a margin agreement with you

As the above legislation is relevant only to UK enterprises and because our company is Swiss-based. We have circumvented any of the potential pitfalls which is entirely secure and legal under UK law.