We don’t source candidates. What we do is act as the financial intermediary in seventy countries. We take away the employment risks while handling all the difficult administration.


One of the most complicated aspects of working in another country is obtaining a visa and work permit. It is probably the biggest obstacle for most when it comes to working abroad. Either you, as the contractor, have to handle it yourself, which can be fraught with difficulties, or the end-client is responsible,and many companies would rather avoid the aggravation of dealing with local authorities to sort out the paperwork involved. To prevent delays, they will often choose a candidate who does not pose such a problem, thereby limiting your employment opportunities.

Access Financial increases your chances of getting a Visa and a Work Permit

Access Financial has a dedicated Work Permit and Visa Department because we dedicate ourselves to assisting you with every aspect of obtaining a visa and work permit. Thus, we can provide you with:

  • Advice on the best solution to work in another country
  • Support for your visa application
  • Sponsorship of your work permit application using our local companies and partners
  • Assistance in the preparation and submission of the required documentation
  • Help with your visa and local registration

The immigration application is a complicated and precise process with many rules and requirements that demand a conscientious and professional manner.

We have an in-house, professional team as well as our local immigration lawyers and accountants in the various countries to ensure we are up to date with the immigration laws and regulations in each state.

Our immigration team will advise and assist with each step of the work permit application process and will ensure that you know what to do on arrival in the country for the residence procedure.

We can assist you in:

The NetherlandsNorwaySwedenSwitzerland
Middle East
ChinaHong KongIndia

Though we would love to be able to guarantee you will get your visa and work permit, please remember that the final decision is entirely in the hands of the relevant authorities in the work country and we are not responsible if an application is not successful.

Thanks to our extensive experience, our assistance will maximise your chances of gaining approval and undoubtedly result in better odds than if you were to go it alone.

Please note that the final decision to grant work permits and visas rests entirely with the authorities of the country of work and refusals are not the responsibility of Access Financial

For further information, please contact our immigration team, immigration@accessfinancial.com – Tel: +41 22 365 4624.