Many successful recruitment companies in the UK have significant business in the EU. And many do this without necessarily having a local presence in their primary markets. The substance that you can have ranges from having nothing in-country to having a local company with staffed offices. Once January 1st 2021 arrives, how might the scene change and what negative implications might there be for your business? Have you asked yourself?:

Will your European clients want to work with a UK company post-Brexit as the Free Movement of Persons will have ended, and UK contractors will be much less in demand?

Will your European clients want to work with a UK company per se when the UK has definitively left the EU, in all probability without a deal?

However you see the answers, we doubt that anyone will expect that it will lead to an increase in business for your UK recruitment business post-Brexit. Fewer EU clients will look to UK recruiters to provide EU nationals to work out the UK. If you agree with this, what can and should you be doing to protect your business and make sure that you are not at the sharp end of any anti-UK backlash?

One step you can take is to establish a local entity, but where ought this to be. Should you decide this primarily on commercial grounds? Where are my clients? With whom do they prefer to trade? The usual answer is that most clients prefer to deal with, be invoiced by and pay a local company, all else being equal. The smart money is on establishing entities where your main clients are. Employing staff who speak the local language and, ideally, have a presence in that country.

If you see this but are unsure how to proceed, then you can certainly go to one of the more prominent accounting practices and international law firms and seek advice. We agree this is an excellent option for those with unlimited resources. Coming to Access Financial, you may find a quicker, less expensive and more practical, hands-on experience and we can see the situation from your viewpoint and implement your decision for you speedily and professionally.

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