Contracting in the Netherlands used to be simple. A Dutch payroll; a G account and a Knowledge Migrant Worker licence (for 3rd country nationals) would do the trick. No longer!. With the WAB law charge abolishing VAR status and the Balanced Labour Market Act 2020 it’s so much harder. With Equal Treatment concerns and having to comply with every Collective Agreement in the land and not just the ABU or NBBU agreements has made the contracting scene fraught.  ZZP or limited company are options, subject to getting a client to sign a Model Agreement.

Also, unless your client is prepared to meet Equal Treatment and respect statutory notice periods and grounds for dismissal, then employment is a significant headache. One way that Access Financial can propose a way out to a recruitment business is to run your Dutch payroll for you. If this is interesting, and we do this outsourcing for several clients, come and talk to us and give your agency a competitive edge in the Dutch market.