If you are an EU national and you wish to work as a contractor in a fascinating and beautiful country, then Switzerland is the one to choose! The Swiss economy is strong; local companies always need top talent in different sectors. Switzerland is renowned for its world-class financial services and banking, food production, the tobacco industry, watchmaking, engineering, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Switzerland ranks among one of the best places in the world to work and live. Contrary to the common misconception that it is outrageously expensive, hence it would be hard to make savings, the country offers the highest disposable income in Europe, according to our latest study published in the Telegraph. At the same time, the population and the culture are an international mix, which means that you can integrate into the city you choose to settle in. 2 million foreigners are living in Switzerland, which accounts for a quarter of the nation’s 8.3 million population. Only a few specific cases, such as oil-producing nations that employ many foreigners, or city-states like Luxembourg, have even higher percentages than Switzerland. Almost 80% of the foreigners come from Italy, Germany, France, Austria, as these are the bordering countries. Very few expats come from outside the EU and the EEA because they need work permits that are subject to quotas that differ per canton and change yearly. As a European national, once securing a lucrative contract role in Switzerland, you will need a work permit to start working. In this end, you must sign up with a local payroll company that is qualified to deal with the administrative burden. Switzerland has unique rules and regulations regarding payroll, and it is imperative to use a local payroll company. Access Financial in Switzerland Access Financial was founded in Nyon, Switzerland, in 2003, where our HQ is today. Access Financial will enable you to stay 100% compliant, as we have accumulated vast experience in helping expats to start their new contracting life in Switzerland. We hold all the necessary SECO, and cantonal licenses for labour leasing and our staff is specialised in making European contractors feel at home. Please contact one of our offices when you are planning to move to Switzerland for your next contract, and we will be delighted to assist.