Access Financial is the most transparent, accurate and reliable Contract Management Company in the market.

AFI Belgium Sprl (AFI) is a part of the global Access Financial contract management organisation. We offer an international dimension to our local offerings. In other words, we are “glocal” – global yet local. We ensure that contractors, recruitment businesses and their corporate clients all stay within the law and the immigration, tax, social security, employment and labour-leasing laws are all fully observed.

Payroll and Tax in Belgium

Payroll is regulated in Belgium in that only a select few Business counters (Guichet’s d’Enterprise) are permitted to operate payroll. AFI works with the largest of these organisations. This combination of deep local expertise and AFIs international breadth places us uniquely to handle payroll and tax in Belgium for our employed contractors.

As AFI is a Belgian company, we can sponsor work permits for non-EU national who want to work in Belgium. Our Immigration Department processes applications on behalf of contractors, recruitment businesses and corporate clients which is a rare and highly-valued service to our clients.

Our employees are either contractors or the permanent employees of corporate clients ho have no entity in Belgium.

Another invaluable service we can offer to contractors is that if on a Belgian (or another) payroll and they are sent for assignments abroad for up to twenty-four months, we can continue them on the Belgian (or other) payroll for the duration. For the first 182 days of any stay abroad, tax is paid in Belgium. After that, the tax is payable in the work country backdated to the assignment start.

Usually, social security is paid in the country of work. However, if we can obtain a Certificate of Coverage (A1) then it is possible to avoid making local contributions and continue them in Belgium (or elsewhere). Such a procedure is very convenient for those who want to retain their home employment and pension rights or who are going to work in a country where social charges are higher.

Contractors must bear in mind that they will indirectly bear both employer and employee social charges while working on AFI’s Belgian employed solution.

The services we provide include:

  • Registration for tax with the Belgian Tax Administration (BTA)
  • Registration for social security with FPS*
  • Sponsorship and application for work permits
  • Advice on Permanent Health insurance
  • Advice on pensions
  • Day-to-day advice and handholding
  • Translations

Social Security

The Belgian social security system is based on the payment of social contributions on your income from work. These social contributions serve to finance the social security system.

Each month the employer pays a considerable amount on top of your salary into the social security fund. The employee also pays a proportion of his gross salary in social security contributions. This fund is then used to pay social security:

  • allowances in the event of sickness
  • unemployment benefits
  • allowances in the event of incapacity for work through sickness or invalidity
  • allowances in the event of accidents at work
  • allowances in the event of industrial disease
  • family allowances
  • pensions




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