Malaysia’s economy is the 5th largest in Southeast Asia and the 35th largest in the world. With a rich cultural diversity, Malaysia is an attractive location to work, providing easy access to Southeast Asia. The economy holds highly productive oil and natural gas reserves which offer career opportunities for expatriate workers. Job opportunities are increasing rapidly in a range of technology and services sectors, including IT, sales and marketing, banking and finance, e-commerce, and supply chain.

AFSS Access Business Services SDN BHD is part of the AF International group, we are an umbrella company providing employment services, payroll services and contract management for recruitment agencies, independent consultants and corporate clients in Malaysia. We offer excellent service, a wide range of solutions, high retention rates for our contractors and fair and competitive pricing. It makes contracting in Malaysia easy for companies as well as consultants.

We manage the entire employment relationship including all the social security costs, social benefits and statutory rights applicable to employees in Malaysia which ultimately help organizations to cut the red tape and concentrate on their core business matters.

Our compliance portal provides users with real-time information on the compliance status of all our consultants contracting in Malaysia.

We ensure that every consultant who works with us retains the highest possible compensation and remains fully compliant with local employment and tax laws. Our dedication to service and affordable fees make us the most competitive option in the market for companies or consultants who are looking for contracting in Malaysia.

Work Permits

Employment Pass in Malaysia (work permit) is an endorsement on the passport constituting permission to stay and work for an approved duration. All such applications must have sponsorship in Malaysia whereby the sponsor agrees to be responsible for the maintenance and repatriation of the visitors from Malaysia if necessary.

In all the cases, Access Financial will apply (online) for a two-year Employment Pass (Work permit).

It takes seven working days for the immigration department to process a work permit (Employment Pass) after submission of a completed application.

In case of local billing AFSS Malaysia will charge 6% ST on the full invoice value to the end-client in Malaysia. The end-client can take the credit of the service tax charged by AFSS MY on their service tax return.

The consultant must declare his/her full income in Malaysia.

The consultant’s monthly gross salary in Malaysia must be more than MYR 7,000 ((excluding our fees) to be eligible for a work permit.