We don’t source candidates. What we do is act as the financial intermediary in seventy countries. We take away the employment risks while handling all the difficult administration.


Access Financial is one of the most respected and dependable international contract management companies based in Europe. Kevin Austin heads AF and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, a Certified Public Accountant in Cyprus, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management and a Fellow of the Association of International Accountants.

In addition to Kevin’s forty-seven years of professional and business experience both in the UK, Switzerland and Cyprus, the rest of the management team is highly experienced and qualified: we have well-established credentials.

AF has the most in-depth and broadest presence globally with eleven offices in nine countries from the UK to China; one hundred staff; and over thirty group companies worldwide; we have an unparalleled network of professional advisers - accountants, tax advisers, immigration specialists and lawyers. As a result of our size, our spend on such professionals may exceed the entire turnover of many of our rivals. That said, we do not rely on externals for our solutions work as we have our strong Research & Development Teams based in Switzerland, UK, Cyprus and India.

It’s not just us who say so. Within the group we have:

  • NEN 4400 which is a quality certification for running Dutch payroll
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Regulation by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)
  • Associate Members of The Association of Professional Staffing Agencies (APSCo)

So, what can Access Financial Compliance Consultancy offer you?

  • Initial free consultancy on compliance and other business challenges
  • Training sessions customised to your needs for your Board, your compliance staff, your sales teams or your operations people
  • Advice and practical help in setting up in countries including the formation of local subsidiaries which may be vital post-Brexit
  • Tax, social security and immigration updates in countries of interest to you
  • We can carry out a professional review of the compliance on any or all of your contractors

Those familiar with services offered by others in this market will know that advice come from two groups of sources:

  • Self-appointed experts that are one-person bands
  • Global firms of lawyers and accountants whose fees can run to the thousands and who tend to tell you what you cannot do rather than provide practical working solutions

AF works with close to 1,000 recruitment businesses throughout the world and is best placed to advise on problems that others have faced previously and the concerns that their owners have on adapting to life in an ever-increasingly charging world. AF is ideally placed to cover the middle ground which is what we believe the majority of our 1,000 recruitment business clients around the world need.

AF does not believe in scaremongering. What we rely on is high business ethics, pride in our work, a belief that cuddliness is no substitute for competence and the idea that the most straightforward, least-work solution rarely provides the best outcome. Our clients deserve the best, and so we customise what we do to their particular needs.

Governments worldwide are seeking to increase their tax take and take a growing dim view about those who try to avoid paying their dues which is exemplified in the UK’s Criminal Finance Act 2017 with its amendments in 2018. The Common Reporting Standard also shows how governments will not tolerate tax avoidance, and these tendencies are guaranteed to grow. The last things that a recruitment business wants to do are:

  • Embroil themselves in unlimited fines of aiding and abetting tax avoidance
  • Suffering reputational damage for failing to comply with the relevant laws where they operate
  • Depreciating the value of their business by carrying potential liabilities for non-compliant business in their portfolio

Most compliance staff struggle with small staffs and limited access to external professionals and no doubt do a great job all the same. Others have little or no professional background to help them and so they are being asked to do a job while hamstrung. But help is at hand.

Are we independent? No. Business-wise, we are not. We prefer you to do business with us, and we are honest enough to admit it. But, intellectually and ethically we try to be as independent as we can. We do try to make our assessments fact-based rather than whim. Measured against the two alternatives outlined above, the one-person-band and the super-expensive global accounting firm, AF is the wise choice for many recruitment businesses.

For the avoidance of doubt the first talk, all training and occasional advice are free and available to all our clients.

We have always joked that AF has always been the go-to company for thorny problems, and we have always relished these challenges and given advice freely. In countless cases, we have bailed out recruitment businesses and their contractors in China, India, Switzerland, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany and elsewhere extricating clients and non-clients from their difficulties: we thrive on this.

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